Forward Technologies is dedicated to the proposition that simultaneously:

  1. Reduces Lead Time
  2. Reduces Inventory Levels
  3. Hitting Due Dates
      • can be done....
      • can be done quickly....
      • can be done profitably......

There are many number of ways this can be done depending on the goals,
capabilities, timeline and scope.


Forward Technologies custom designs solutions, sometimes simple manual methods, often spreadsheet modeling and rarely require major system modifications.

Execution: Forward Technologies On site provides services like a full time employee with a different level of expertise. This approach ensures the daily job gets done, while evolving the approaches to get the results you need. When the evolution is complete, we can up-skill your employees to take over the day to day operations. Areas of expertise include:

Thomas J. Krupka, CFPIM, Jonah
231 Deer Spring Lane
Simpsonville, SC 29680-6520
(W)864.962-6702 (F)864.962-6778